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Oct 12, 2012

Mallory F.

Holy Makeup! This is amazing! What kind of stencils did you use for this?

Jan 14, 2014

Rebekka E.

A paper cutout and fabric, nothing formal..Sorry xx

Great job! This is amazing! 

Aug 09, 2012

Rebekka E.

Thank you so much :)!

Aug 01, 2012

Debra K.

ohhh so love it!

Jul 29, 2012

Em W.

WOW! This is breathtaking! I love the color and the patterns here. Great job with the blend and overall artistry! =)

Valeen N.

Jul 15, 2012

Valeen N.

This is amazing, excellent blending

Jul 10, 2012

Laura M.

I love it!!!!!

Jul 10, 2012

Dawn B.

This is so incredibly beautiful and marvelous!

Jul 08, 2012

Rachel M.

what medium was this done with?

Jul 07, 2012

Olivia G.

This is absolutely incredible! You are gorgeous!

Jul 06, 2012

Aimee Nicole C.


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