"Captain America" inspired nail art

The Captain is basically one of my favourite superheroes, and so this is my tribute to the Cap..... And Chris Evans is sexy >> ANYWAY! I used OPI for this one.

* Clear polish
* White polish
* Blue polish
* Red polish
* Pain brush

1. Start off with clear polish and wait to dry
2. Coat with white polish and wait to dry
3. Get your paint brush, dip it in the blue, and create the stripes (LEAVE YOUR THUMB ALONE) wait to dry
4. Get the red polish and pain the tips of your nails like French tips (LEAVE YOUR THUMB ALONE) wait to dry
5. With your paintbrush, dip in red and draw two circles, one inside the other
6. With your clean paintbrush, dip in blue and outline the star, then fill in the whites, but leave the middle of the star alone
7. After that, dip again in blue and draw the stripes
8. Wait for everything to dry and seal design with clear polish

  • Added Jul 17, 2012

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