Love at first sight!


My boyfriend knows I love nail polish. He allows me to get one nail polish every time we go to a grocery store, so today we went to Target and I love that they always have a HUGE selection of different brands. I was gonna go for the Sinful Colors because it's only 1.99 but it seemed no matter what brand I looked at, I had that color or a color very similar. I almost left with NO NAIL POLISH, which is crazy talk. So I turned around and in a small section I found this set, it was away from the other e.l.f products, there were only two left, I showed it to my boyfriend, he said "No. Wait.....5 dollars? Okay." Most nail polishes around about 4 dollars or more so he probably assumed that it would be expensive for the set, so he was surprised at 5 dollars, shoot I was surprised at 5 dollars. I LOVE these colors. I'm not sure if they are new but they are awesome. I tested them out on my boyfriends toes because I just did my nails this morning and I want to keep the color a bit. But even on man toes they were lovely. The brush is wide and gives smooth application. The colors show well with 2 coats but I still prefer 3. They dry pretty quickly and so far I haven't had any problems with them. :)

From left to right the colors are
Coral Dream
Flirty Fuchsia
Party Peach
Smokin Hot.

The Flirty Fuchsia is more of a bubblegum pink, and the Coral like most Corals even though it looks a little bit red orange in the photo.

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Apr 23, 2012

Nicole M.

I'm so glad these worked for you. I got a neon set from this brand and they were TERRIBLE!! They were totally un-usable and I'm only keeping them for their bottles to use for frankens! haha. I saw this pic and was like Ohhhhh no! But then was so relieved when you said they were good. :)

Apr 24, 2012

Sherry W.

Thanks (: But What was wrong with them? Sometimes some brands I use I like certain colors but then other colors I hate the way they come out. Especially if they are light colors that are opaque.

Apr 26, 2012

Nicole M.

Oh they were just horrible.. they were super goopy and never got even close to opaque. They were just lumpy looking and disgusting. I am going to do a nail fail post on my blog some day about them but haven't got around to it yet. Neons are hard but mannn these were bad.