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  • Why Do You Have Dark Under-Eye Circles?

    Why Do You Have Dark Under-Eye Circles?

    Wondering about those dark shadows lurking underneath your eyes? Keep reading to find out how to diagnose your under-eye circles and the best way to hide them.

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  • Cute Nail Inspiration: Polka Dots!
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    Cute Nail Inspiration: Polka Dots!

    Looking for a new manicure that will get them gushing? Polka dots are a big fashion trend right now and these Beautylish Beauties show you a new place to sport those spots: your nails!

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  • How To: Cut a Crease
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    How To: Cut a Crease

    Dramatic looks are harder to pull off if you're not familiar with the techniques used to create them. Kim Kardashian often uses a cut-crease technique to open her eyes and make them pop (much like she did on her wedding day)! We take this eye look and make it easier for you to re-create. Keep watching to learn how to add that extra definition to your eye makeup.

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  • Blush and Bronzer Tips
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    Blush and Bronzer Tips

    Too much blush and the wrong shade of bronzer can completely ruin your look. We chat with New York City-based makeup artist Susie Sobol about her top tips for blush and bronzer so we can all apply like pros.

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  • Beat Psoriasis Like Kim Kardashian!

    Beat Psoriasis Like Kim Kardashian!

    In last week's episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," Kim revealed that the itchy and irritated spots on her skin were psoriasis! Turns out, you can't fight genetics—even if you're a celebrity.

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  • Bow Manicure Tutorial
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    Bow Manicure Tutorial

    Add a feminine touch to your nails with bows! Keep reading for a step by step on how to dress up your manicure.

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  • Melt-proof Makeup For Summer
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    Melt-proof Makeup For Summer

    As the weather heats up, extra sweat will lead to oilier skin. So what's a girl to do when her face starts to melt under the sun? We gather a few tips to help you looking fresh and cool all summer long.

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  • How to Do Winged Eyeliner
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    How to Do Winged Eyeliner 

    There’s something about a simple winged eyeliner look that looks good on everyone. Here, LA-based makeup artist Jason Sanchez walks us through how to do each step. Grab your tools and follow along!

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  • Summer Makeup Tips for Pale Skin
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    Summer Makeup Tips for Pale Skin

    If you're a Beauty whose pale skin tends to burn instead of tan, you can still get a glow this summer. Dakota Fanning's makeup artist Sammy Mourabit shares his tips on how to update your makeup routine this season and flatter your fair complexion. Don't worry, you won't need any self-tanner or bronzer for these summer makeup tips!

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  • Marilyn Monroe's Beauty Secrets

    Marilyn Monroe's Beauty Secrets

    Marilyn Monroe is undoubtedly one of the top beauty icons of the 20th century. Today marks her 85th birthday, but what exactly made this blonde bombshell the symbol of old Hollywood glamour? Beautylish uncovers her makeup secrets.

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