Beauty Product Reviews


As a colorist, I get bored so easily with my hair and being allergic to most colors, I'm very limited on what I can do! These are the best wild colors out there. They stay vivid for a very long time and don't fade quickly. But, if you have platinum blonde hair like me, be cautious when rinsing the first time as these tend to bleed. :)

Only iron I need!!

As a stylist and doing photo shoots and clients constantly, this is THE BEST iron out there! I've even had distributors refuse to tell me about CHI flat irons when I mentioned I had GHD because they said it was the best of the best!! It's very light and you can curl and straighten with it! Curling with this iron allows you to get more volume and you have more control over how loose or tight you want your curls! I've only had to buy 2 over the last 6 years of doing hair! After every day usage in salons on clients & out at photo shoots, runway shows & weddings! It holds up great and I think what people don't realize about this amazing iron is that it controls the temperature depending on the hair porosity so there is no damage involved!!

Smells great!

I used to LOVE Moroccan Oil and the great things it did to my clients' hair. I could put a little bit in their color formulas, and instantly get shinier color! It smells fantastic and unlike most serums/oils, doesn't feel sticky! BUT-- it is orangey in color & can cause build up on blondes but there is a Moroccan Oil for Blondes now... Another downfall, is it has silicone based ingredients and over time this can be damaging to the hair! If my clients use products like this, I recommend using it every now and then like maybe once or twice a week as a treatment.