The Rae Morris Brush Sets

The Passion of
Rae Morris

“My goal is to bring you completely into my world, for you to see the potential in you that I as a professional makeup artist do, and in doing so change not just the way you look, but also the way you feel everyday.”

—Rae Morris

Magnetic Technology

The patented magnetic brush technology enables each brush to stand upright on the Rae Plate so brushes can be stored in a sanitary manner while keeping the work surface organized.

Tools With A Purpose

Designed to be sleek, soft and ultra-organized while serving the true needs of a working makeup artist. Learn More

The Kabuki Set

Featuring the #1 Deluxe Kabuki, #2 Mini Kabuki, #3 Ultimate Cheekbone, #4 Square Kabuki, #5 Flawless Shader. Learn More


The Personal Set

Featuring the #1 Deluxe Kabuki, #8 Medium Point Shader, #11 Medium Oval Shadow, #12 Lash Line Smudger, #13 Deluxe Eyeliner, #15 Precision Bent-liner, #16 Brow Definer, #19 Lip Brush, #20 Concealer Brush, and #22 Pro Powder. Learn More


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The Collection Set

Featuring all 28 brushes in the Rae Morris brush line along with the steel Rae Plate for easy storage of the Magnetic Brush range. Learn More


Sold Out!

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