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Beauty Product Reviews

Pigmented and long-lasting!

Love the colors in this line and also the formula! Only thing that makes it lose half a star for me is that it dries my lips out a little bit. But I've found that applying a moisturizing lip balm before and after applying the lipstick helps a lot.

Love this concealer! It's so heavy, which makes it perfect for covering up acne or problem areas. Just remember to only apply a small amount, or it will end up looking cakey, and no one wants that!


I think this brush is perfect for apply cream foundation, even though it's intended for powder. I definitely recommend it and you should check it out next time you visit target or the ELF website :)


I own the Bare Study paint pot and at first I really loved it, then I discovered how bad it creased...and I don't even have oily skin! I like the color and the consistency of paint pots but they just don't work for me.

Don't like it ):

I got a sample of this primer through about a month ago. I was really excited to try it out, because I heard it really helped minimize the appearance of pores! After trying it for about a week, I've decided that I don't like this product! While it did help prime my face & make my makeup last longer, it only minimized the appearance of my pores for about an hour. Then they were as visible as they were before using the product. It also broke out my face really bad, which is disappointing because my skin isn't usually sensitive to products but this one clogged my pores and caused pimples ): I would not recommend this product.

I love the range of colors Essie has, but the formula is a little watery! I also wish the brush was a little thicker, but I do love how long they last!

Favorite lip balm!

I love my EOS lip balms! I have all of the flavors & my favorite is the Lemon Drop flavor! I've had two of those already! The formula is a little different for the Lemon Drop flavor, which makes it more moisturizing than the others. But I would say this is a must-have for every girl out there!

Perfect for beginners!

Love this product! It's definitely not comparable to high end primers, but for the $1 price tag its perfect for beginners! It kind of has a weird scent, but other than that, I definitely recommend it!

I don't like this product

I think that the concept of this nail polish is great, but it is overhyped soooo much! I bought it because I heard a lot of people on Youtube talk about how great it was, but when I use it, it does not work at all. It just globs on and looks like I dipped my fingernails in tar. It's also just not my style, I prefer more clean, polished nails. I DO NOT recommend this product.

Best Primer Ever!

This is by far the best eyeshadow primer I have ever used! I recommend it to anyone looking for a primer! This is a staple in my everyday makeup routine!

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