Get Glossy Skin Fast with These Glass-Inspired Primers


If you’re unfamiliar with the glass skin craze, the definition is pretty transparent. Originating in the K-beauty world, “glass skin” consists of a complexion so smooth and polished that it pretty much resembles Windex-cleaned glass. Straight forward, right? Not so much.

The typical glass skin regimen goes a little something like this: double cleanse your skin at all times, apply 7 layers of toner, and slather on moisturizers and masks until your complexion can’t take any more.

Okay, I’m exaggerating, but the process is pretty involved. Following this elaborate skincare routine can be enough to make your stress acne flare—which totally defeats the goal of crystal-clear skin.

Recently, I discovered an easier way to get a gleaming visage. In four different primers, the South Korea-based beauty brand, VDL, has basically bottled the glass skin effect. After testing each product, I’m happy to tell you that glossiness is instantly possible with a simple pump, pat, and blend.

Satin Veil Primer

If you’re looking to recreate Ellie Choi’s viral selfie skin, let me introduce you to your new BFF. This transparent, gel-textured formula immediately creates a baby-soft canvas with a smooth, glossy finish. Even after applying foundation, I noticed that my usually matte complexion retained a subtle glass-like quality for a long lasting dewy look. Use underneath your makeup or merely add a squirt to seal in your moisturizing routine and rock newfound glass skin all day long.  

Lumilayer Primer Fresh

Comprised of mini moisture capsules and a combination of red, white, and gold pigments, Lumilayer Primer Fresh works just as hard as your favorite skin hydrator while delivering an added highlight. With this primer, I can ditch my heavy moisturizer in favor of lightweight nourishment that still keeps my skin’s flaking and tightness at bay. The blush-colored liquid completely absorbs upon contact, leaving behind a poreless, champagne-like glow. The formula’s pearlescent pigments create a shimmering glossy effect—the kind of sun-kissed radiance you get after spending a day under the rays.

Lumilayer Primer

This iridescent primer delivers a sparkling glass effect similar to the Lumilayer Primer Fresh, but with a more holographic sheen. Formulated with VDL’s Lumilayer Prismatic Pearls, Lumilayer Primer combines red and blue pigments to form a luminescent violet hue. The colorful emulsion mimics a liquid highlighter to create a natural-looking strobe effect. Wear underneath makeup for a dewy look or without foundation to sculpt and brighten dull skin. I like warming an extra pump of primer between my fingertips and tapping onto cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and Cupid’s bow to add a slick highlight.

Lumilayer Metal Cushion Primer

Think of this invigorating primer as the perfect skin wake-up call. Formulated with Vitamin C derivatives and anti-aging niacinamide, this primer contains 90% skin conditioning ingredients, giving it a cooling effect. VDL’s trademark Lumilayer Prismatic pearl powder moisturizes while giving your skin a purple-hued, glass finish. The compact’s design features a push-to-release metal plate that dispenses the perfect amount while preventing bacteria build-up. Complete with a full mirror and mini sponge applicator, take this primer with you for glossy skin anytime, anywhere.

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