Your TOM FORD Boys & Girls Shade, According to Your Zodiac Sign 


Tom Ford just unveiled thirty new additions to his Boys & Girls lipstick collection. While you might be tempted to choose a shade based on your skin tone or hair color, allow us to suggest a different route: by your zodiac sign. After all, astrology is supposed to shed light on our inner desires, fears, and motivations, helping us to make big life decisions (like choosing which lipstick to buy, obviously). Ahead, we match the 12 astrological signs with the perfect lip color from Tom Ford’s latest release.


The fiery first sign of the zodiac usually gravitates toward bold shades that scream confidence—especially reds. If you’re an Aries, turn to Jagger for a fearless pop of coral red.


Taureans are known for their strength, dependability, and down-to-earth attitude. For Taurus, we recommend Gal, an earthy pink you can wear everyday.


Gemini is known for flexibility in different situations and an inquisitive outlook on life. For Gemini, we like a fresh, youthful shade that goes with anything, like Kendrick (perhaps named after famous Gemini Kendrick Lamar?).


Comfy, cozy, and reliable—that’s how Cancers like most things, including their lip color. This nurturing sign should turn to a sheer, blushy shade that enhances without overpowering, like Camilla.


Lively Leo, you need a lipstick shade that makes you the center of attention (not that you need any help). Capture hearts and minds with Letitia, an eye-catching magenta.


Hard-working, organized, and proudly perfectionist, Virgo isn’t going to just slap on any old lipstick before they leave the house. They’ll opt for a crisp, clean shade that adds polish to their look, like Imari.


Even-handed and open-minded, Libras are known as the charmers of the zodiac—but they’re also drawn to the finer things in life. Sonja, a rich berry with balanced undertones, is a no-brainer.


Adventurous and independent are two words that often come up when describing Sags. Forge your own path with a lip color that others might find risky, like Cindy, a mod-inspired pale lilac.


Scorpios get a bad rap, but that’s probably because they’re intense, magnetic, and maybe even a little scary. This makes dark, vampy shades, like Jordan, perfect for seductive Scorpio.


Capricorns are known for being professional and goal-oriented. If this is your sign, look for a well-heeled shade you can wear from the boardroom to happy hour, like River, a warm terracotta pink.


Individualistic and forward-thinking Aquarians aren’t afraid to try something new, whether it’s a funky hairstyle or a daring purple-blue lip color like Cardi.


Creative and cerebral, Pisces often have their heads in the clouds. Opt for a shade that helps you feel put-together when you need to come back down to earth, like Armie, a bright raspberry.

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