How These Beauty Bosses Juggle Motherhood & Running a Business 


Everyone knows that being a parent is a full-time job, which is why it’s extra-impressive when we meet someone who runs their own business at the same time. That’s some serious hustle. In honor of Mother’s Day, we reached out to chat with a few of our favorite beauty brand founders—who also just so happen to be mothers. Read on to see what they love about being mothers and running their own businesses and how they maintain work-life balance, and how they find time for self-care in between the important work they do.

Lan Belinky, co-founder of bosciaLan Belinky, Co-Founder of boscia

What she loves most about being a mother and a business owner: “I think one of the most wonderful things about motherhood is the example you leave behind. I have three kids under three, and my oldest is a girl. My ultimate goal is to instill in her the notion that females truly can do anything—I hope to be a testament to that. I also want my boys to grow up supporting and admiring strong, working women and ingrain in them that women can have it all: family and career.”

How she balances work and family: “Being a mom is absolutely a full-time job—coupled with running a business, it truly is like I have two full-time jobs. Over the years, I’ve really had to learn how to balance the two. My children are my priority; when I am with them, I make it a point to put my phone down and really be with them. When I am tuned into work, I commit myself entirely to work and have my full attention focused in that world.”

Her self-care routine: “Finding me-time can be impossible, and that is why I cherish my skincare routine so much. It’s my ‘me moment’ where I can really show myself gratitude, rejuvenate, and practice self-care. Those 20-30 minutes of my skincare routine really make a world of difference for me! You can often catch me with my Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask on while cleaning up the kitchen or throwing a load of laundry in. It’s all about balance.”

Mila Moursi Mila Moursi, President of Mila Moursi Advanced Skin Care

What she loves most about being a mother and a business owner: “Being a mother is a beautiful gift that just keeps on giving. Through thick and thin, you develop these priceless bonds with your children, and then to see them develop into inspiring individuals forging their own path is continually rewarding. I am also fortunate to be able to work with my daughter Dina on a daily basis with our Mila Moursi Advanced Skin Care line and the spa. Running my own business allows me to continue to express my creativity and challenge myself in an industry I adore. I receive so much joy from hearing all of the amazing feedback from clients after they adopt our Mila Moursi regimen or experience a treatment at the spa.”

How she balances work and family: “[It’s] challenging. I strive to keep a positive balance with both, but you learn to be the ultimate multitasker. It’s all about carving time out for yourself in these hectic times for self-care. For me, this includes a daily ritual of deep breathing, meditation, exercise, and a positive outlook. Maintaining a regimen of good sleep, stress management, and proper hydration and diet to fuel the inner you. And then, of course, pampering your skin with a dedicated morning and evening routine with periodic, deep regenerating spa treatments.”

Her self-care routine: “First thing in the morning, I do a series of stretches with deep breathing, and then five minutes of facial massage to get the blood flowing. Then I have a cup of warm water with lemon and meditate in the garden. My evening routine is all about taking the time to mentally unwind from the day, and prepare my skin for rest and renewal. I often have a bath ritual that incorporates various sensory elements for ultimate relaxation, starting with dry brushing to stimulate circulation, followed by a warm bath and oils to lock in moisture.”

Olivia Lohman of The Sacred Ritual and her daughterOlivia Lohman, Founder of The Sacred Ritual

What she loves most about being a mother and business owner: “My favorite thing about being a mom is the unconditional LOVE that comes with it. The bond between my daughter and me is pure MAGIC. Being that one person that she leans on for everything is pretty special. The best part of being a business owner is hands down hearing how The Sacred Ritual has impacted people’s lives. It’s probably one of the coolest feelings seeing a complete stranger raving about something you’ve made!”

How she balances work and family: “Can I be honest here? It’s CRAZY, but I wouldn’t change it one bit. Seeing [my daughter] mimic me putting labels on a bottle or trying to weigh items has to be one of my favorite moments. With that being said, it can get (very) stressful. I’ve learned in the past that stress doesn’t add any value to what you are trying to accomplish or help get you there faster—so if I need to step away for a second and take a breather, I do.”

Her self-care routine: “I’m all about self-care rituals. After becoming a mom, I realized I needed them more than ever. Lights Out Bath Salts are my go-to for a soak. Being a mom and a business owner, it’s so hard to shut down at night. Lights Out helps me unwind and get some of the best sleep. For skin, I do a daily face massage with our Clear Quartz Roller and add Triple Threat for all the skin-loving and restoring benefits. I also like to end the day by telling myself at least one thing I am proud of that day. This is super important as I know we can all be hard on ourselves, and I’m definitely no exception.”

Rae MorrisRae Morris, Makeup Artist and Founder of Rae Morris

What she loves most about being a mother and a business owner: “I love being both (it’s also terrifying at the same time). I love that I’m responsible for implanting, sharing, and witnessing so many of another human’s first experiences! I never knew how much you get to be a kid again and be reminded what innocence looks like—as exhausting as it can be, it’s incredibly special.”

How she balances work and family: “I have an amazing husband with a great family network—without this, I don’t see how it could work as well as it does. I put being a mother first, and I’ve learnt a happy mother is the most important thing to a child, so I not only need to be present and focused on her as much as I can when I’m not working, I also need to be around adults and my creative job that keeps me thriving! It takes a village; if you don’t have one, you have to make one happen.”

Her self-care routine: “Doing as little as possible—I like to completely disconnect and make my home my haven. I love not having to leave the house, and I’m also addicted to massages! I also have a new passion for podcasts; I’m obsessed. I really enjoy switching off and learning about the craziest, wildest things happening around me in the world. Oh, and I just have a new puppy! I’m getting lots of love from her at the moment.”

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