Find the Best Setting Spray for Your Skin Type


Have you applied your makeup for the day? Before you reach for any old setting spray, here’s a word of advice: find a mist that actually cares about your skin! If you haven’t found “the one” yet, don’t you dare let your foundation settle where it shouldn’t. There is a spray out there that will give your makeup the long-lasting radiance it deserves and love your complexion unconditionally. Check out this breakdown of the best setting sprays for every skin type to find your perfect match (Spritz, Spritz, Hooray!).

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dewy Set Spray, $26

This isn’t your average makeup setting spray. Think of the healthiest, most radiant skin you’ve seen and then add a yummy coconut-vanilla scent—that’s what you’re getting with this ABH gem. Its water-based formula hydrates skin with a super fine mist that keeps makeup in place, leaving you with a dewy result that makes even the driest skin types look hydrated.

Best for: Dry Skin

Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying Makeup Setting Spray, $38

This one’s for you, oily skin! Boscia’s innovative mattifying formula uses white charcoal to set your makeup for a shine-free finish and all day pore-refinement. Known for its oil-absorbing and moisture-balancing properties, binchotan white charcoal provides a matte yet naturally hydrating finish for shine-proof and budge-free makeup.

Best for: Oily Skin

COOLA Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30, $36

The sun doesn’t stand a chance at melting your makeup as long as you’re wearing COOLA’s SPF 30 setting spray. Not only does this powerful mist deliver a weightless, matte finish, it also lets you reapply for continuous broad spectrum protection without disturbing your look. Infused with hyaluronic acid, organic algae, cucumber and aloe vera extracts, this multifaceted spray keeps skin feeling moisturized, smooth and refreshed all day long.

Best for: Normal Skin

Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray: Bridal, $29

Once you spray on Skindinavia’s Bridal Finishing Spray, expect your look to be bulletproof (and bridal-proof) for the day. Designed to resist the effects of any and all moisture, this breathable spray keeps makeup sweat-proof, cry-proof and shine-proof for up to sixteen hours. The magic lies in the mist’s Patented Temperature Control Technology, which draws heat away from the face for a cool, fresh feel. The powerful spray also prevents fading, creasing and settling into dry patches, so your makeup looks photo ready at all times.

Best for: Combination Skin

Illustration by Rachel Shayne Edelstein | @rachelshayne