We Tried This Universal Red Lipstick on 6 Different People


Despite the fact that a bold red lip is one of the most classic, forever-trending makeup looks, red lipstick is surprisingly polarizing. You’re either a red-lipstick person, or you’re really not a red-lipstick person. To celebrate National Lipstick Day (which, as you can imagine, is a pretty big deal for the Beautylish team), we decided to take a “universally flattering” red lipstick out for a spin around the office. The shade? LINA CHOO The Great Artist Velvet Matte Lipstick in 9 Shakespeare, a classic bright red. The results? Not exactly what you’d expect.

Melanie C., Customer Experience Location Manager

“I love a good red! I love how strong and bold it makes me feel as a person. I tend to wear a lot of darker clothing, so wearing red allows for a pop of color during the day. This shade pulled a bit orange on me, which I wasn’t sure about at first because I feel that orange is hard for me to pull off. However, when I looked in the mirror, it looked pretty good! I’d probably wear it to the office or happy hour. Made me feel glamorous and powerful for my meeting right after!”

Hailey B., Customer Experience Operations Associate

“Red lipstick isn’t something I wear on an everyday basis, but I do love having a good one on hand if I’m in the mood to wear one. (My go-to shade is usually Rosewood from Anastasia Beverly Hills!) I do not like how this shade looks on me only because it pulls more orangey on my skin tone (I am on the paler side with neutral/slightly yellow undertones), and that’s not something that I prefer to wear. I definitely love darker/deeper shades of red versus a classic, fire-engine red. It’s not something I would pick for myself based on personal preference, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else. You never know until you try!”

Christina F., Creative Producer

“I don’t usually wear any lipstick because I’m lazy and don’t want to reapply it throughout the day, but I think this shade is really pretty. I think it helped brighten up my whole face and I just look more alive and awake. I would probably wear this shade on a girls night out, or maybe randomly while doing errands if I was feeling a little extra. I feel like swiping on this red would be an easy and quick way to look and feel put together.”

Alexis S-C., Beauty Advisor

“Red lipstick makes me feel so amazing. I feel strong and feminine anytime I wear my favorite shade of red. I love this shade! It doesn’t replace my current favorite (Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon, a blue-based red), but it’s nice. I can see myself wearing this more on an everyday basis because it’s not at all overwhelming. It’s red but it’s still subtle and it doesn’t demand attention when I walk in a room. I would wear it at the office or running errands for sure—any occasion that I would go for a more toned-down look.”

Serene K., Research Associate

“I feel like red lipstick gets everywhere, especially if I’m eating or just moving around. It always manages to smear on some piece of clothing. But I think the orange undertone in this lipstick is super flattering. It really brings attention to your face. I don’t usually wear bright lipstick, but it is fun once in a while. I would wear it at a fancy party that doesn’t require me to eat a whole meal.”

Desirey A., Creative Production Associate

“I was skeptical at first. I’ve never liked how red lipstick looks on me, so I expected not to like it, but I have to say I’m pretty pleased! This shade isn’t too bright on my skin tone, and in fact, I think it compliments it very well. It’s super classy and bold. It’s a little too bold for my liking to wear on a normal day, but I would definitely wear this for happy hour or a date night out. I think I’ve finally found my go-to! My perspective on red lipstick has definitely changed.”

Try LINA CHOO The Great Artist Velvet Matte Lipstick in 9 Shakespeare out for yourself, or explore all lipsticks to find your own go-to red.