Velvet Makeup: The Softer Side of Beauty


Is it just us, or is everyone in the beauty world going crazy for velvet? Velvet in the fall fashion cycle typically means kitschy leggings and smart blazers, but now makeup companies are translating the soft richness and pearl-like sheenof the material into makeup—creating velvet lipsticks, shadows, blush, and even velvet nail innovations. With its deep colors and luxurious feel, the fabric is the perfect inspiration for cosmetics, making these new beauty items on their way to becoming classics. Read on and prepare to be hooked on the texture!


What makes velvet lipstick velvet? Our lips certainly didn’t feel soft and fuzzy after applying best-sellers like Burberry Lip Velvet, Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet, or Nars Velvet Matte, but they looked lush and felt great. These lipsticks all play up your pout with a glide-on formula and matte finish. They feel subtle, soft, and the no-gloss factor helps them stay put for hours. Though in lip-land, this trend is more hypothetical than we hoped, we’re still loving the retro feel and rich results.


The dense and powdery effect not only touches lips, but our lids too! In contrast to harsh matte texture, velvet eye and cheek powder impart a sort of soft-focus polish. Benefit has created an entire line of wearable Velvet Eye Shadow with enough colors to keep any eye enthusiast hooked, and Bobbi Brown’s shadow/cheek color in Velvet Plum has become a favorite from the brand. Bare Escentuals and MAC have also created velvet-inspired cheek shades, for those craving a subtle glow. With a counter full of shimmering shadows and holiday highlighters, a toned-down texture feels fresh for the season.


Leave it to the texture enthusiasts at Ciaté to patent the most literal interpretation of the trend: the velvet manicure. The three piece kit includes a polish shade, a mini brush, and a flocking powder which, when applied, gives your nails a soft velvety coat creating the most touchy-feely of tips. The well-executed shades of navy, burgundy, and light grey look expensive and regal—the way a quality velvet should. It’s time to lose the velvet glove and rock the velvet manicure!

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