Lighter Than Air: NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder


Remember when setting powder was thick and chalky, making us look like Casper The Friendly Ghost in photos? Lately that tide has been turning. HD micro-fine powders like Make Up Forever and Smashbox are revolutionizing the way we set makeup. These formulas use mineral silica to mattify and blur fine lines and pores.

Now NARS Cosmetics has taken this concept to the next level with its revolutionary new formula that sets foundation, blurs imperfections, and adapts to different lighting. The secret is in the setting powder’s mix of titanium dioxide (which is white) and iron oxide (which is reddish). The result is a super fine, translucent, ever-so-slightly-pink formula that adjusts for direct sunlight and flash photography, making you look warmer and totally chalk-free. No more Casper face!

The finely-milled texture sets your makeup invisibly. When applied over bare skin, the result is a preternaturally perfect finish; it’s your skin, but smoother. We used the setting powder this morning without any other foundation, and forgot until we glanced in the mirror and noticed how pretty our skin looked!

The ingredients are great for your complexion as well. Glycerin and vitamin E nourish and protect, and the NARS light-reflecting compound includes micro-prisms, Polynesian seawater, and algae, said to harness light-refracting technology that diffuses light for the most flattering finish possible.

We recommend applying with a fan brush or a stippling brush to distribute product finely and evenly over foundation.

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