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Three Products That Make Bath Time Special


Taking a long, hot soak is one of the finer things in a girl's life (and in New York City, just having a full-sized bathtub is a luxury indeed!) but indulging in beautiful products makes the experience even better. Here are our Top 3 bath products.

1 Molton Brown Seamoss Stress Relieving Hydrasoak

Want to feel as if you're swimming in the ocean? This bath gel adds a pretty blue color to your bathwater and soothes aching limbs.

2 CND Almond Bath Milk

Ever since Cleopatra took a milk bath, other Beauties have followed suit, pouring the moisturizing elixir into our bathtubs. This softening milk is designed for your hands, but add some to your bath time soak and it'll leave your entire body smooth and hydrated. You'll feel like you've bathed in silk.

3 Jurlique Tranquil Bubble Bath

You need only a capful to create a huge amount of bubbles. Ingredients like rosemary, honey, lavender, and chamomile leave your skin smelling sweet.

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