Money-Saving Makeup Advice


Ever feel disheartened when your favorite eye shadow shatters into what seems like a million pieces? You may think that your money went right down the drain, but there are plenty of simple solutions to fixing broken makeup. 

Since makeup is an investment, make sure you’re getting the most use out of your products. Check out these videos for ways to save fragile favorites or to extend the life of your precious makeup.

VIDEO How to: Mend Broken Eyeshadows by Klaire D.

Repair broken eye shadows and blushes with this quick and simple how-to from Klaire. 

VIDEO Melting Lipsticks Part 1 by Koren Z.

Don’t throw away broken lipsticks. Melt them to use every last drop of product. Koren shows you how in a two part video. 

VIDEO How To Use Pigments by Brianna G.

Pigments aren’t only for your eyes! Be inventive with the colors in your kit. Brianna shows us how to se pigments to create a new lip color or a tinted moisturizer.

Image Courtesy of pinterest