Want to Try a Juice Cleanse?


Yes, I did it. I lasted three days without food and drank nothing but juice. The entire time. And Beauties, it was hard—brutal even.

I've always thought I was quite healthy. I make sure I eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, I don't drink coffee, and I even keep alcohol to a minimum. But I must admit that I never deprive myself of the good stuff. Wine, chocolate, pasta, pizza, cheese... I could go on, but in general, I love food. But after an especially indulgent summer, I thought it was time I took a break from it all and cleansed myself. Plus, fashion week was approaching, and I discovered my bikini body was less bikini and more belly.

After some debate over cleansing with hot water and lemon or a vegetable-only diet, I decided to go the juice route and signed up with BluePrint Cleanse for a three-day "Renovation" cleanse. This is the lowest (or easiest) cleanse, and you can tailor it to however long you want to cleanse (they recommend three days for first timers).

It was with lots of excitement that I received my introduction email telling me to cut back on meats, carbohydrates, and coffee the day before starting my cleanse. And then before I knew it, the big day had arrived. Day One and I was already wondering what the hell I'd gotten myself into. I was allowed six juices per day in a specific order. First up was a green concoction of kale, spinach, and broccoli. I couldn't face it, not even through a straw (which sometimes makes drinking unpleasant things a little easier). So, Beauties, I just didn't drink it! I know, slap on my wrist, right?

Drink number two was delicious—pineapple, apple, and mint—but then the headache started. It's common to get a headache on the first day of a cleanse. It has to do with how your body cleans out all the toxins. I also really missed food. I wasn't hungry, because the juices really did fill me up, but the whole time I wasn't eating I missed the process of actually putting food into my mouth and chewing it.

Day Two rolled around and I woke up cranky. All I could think about was food: delicious dinners, my favorite Japanese restaurant, ice cream, anything that wasn't juice. By the end of that day I was seriously considering cheating, but instead delved into the "cheat sheet" BluePrint provides (you're allowed to have vegetable broth if you really need food). By Day Three, I was starting to feel okay, although I had a sore throat and still couldn't wait to eat. On Day Four I rolled out of bed and headed right for the toast, but something strange happened: I ate, but I didn't actually feel like I needed food. Sure, I wanted it, but that insane craving had gone away.

And how did I feel? My cravings for sugar and salt had certainly dissipated, but I think it would take a week without food to totally cleanse your whole body from toxins and feel like a new person. Three days helped to curb some bad habits, and definitely made me crave fruit and vegetables, but what I learned about most was my own personal, emotional, and mental connections with food. The next time I want to eat a (second) piece of chocolate cake, I'll think back to how much willpower I had and know that I can say no.

Image courtesy of pinterest