Nail Polish That Changes Color In The Sun!


blaze solaractive color changing polish The Brights Line, $12.95

Do you get bored of your nail color quickly? Meet the latest nail polish formula that changes color, while you wear it! Blaze Nail Lacquer uses SolarActive technology to change colors when exposed to UV rays. These two-in-one shades pair brighter colors with rich complements, perfect for the day-to-evening transition. The new brights collection features a spectrum of vibrant hues, spanning from hot pink to evergreen. These polishes are completely safe, environmentally friendly, and "3-free" of DBP, Toulene, and Formaldehyde.

Available now at mass retailers worldwide and online.

  • Atomic Pink to Heat Wave (left)
  • Baseball Blue to Field Green (right)
  • Cotton Candy to Razzle Raspberry
  • Kicking Coral to Crimson Red
  • Lemon Zest to Mango Chile
  • Pop Pink to Plum Twist
  • Punch Drunk to Berry Margarita
  • Tahitian Skies to Purple Rain

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