Nude Nail Polish for Every Skin Tone


RGB HIPPxRGB Nail Foundation, $16

Partnering with "green manicurist" (she only uses earth-friendly, gluten free and paraben-free products) Jenna Hipp, RGB has launched a new nail polish collection that brings the flawless, natural-looking base of a foundation to your fingertips. The new collection of four different "nude" polishes follows both RGB and Jenna's green, chemical-free standards. And each shade is designed to match a different skin tone—so there's no more of this one-nude-for-all business! Just as foundation smooths the imperfections and flaws on a face, so too does Nail Foundation on your fingertips. But the fun of this collection is that you don't have to stick with the shade that most closely matches your own skin tone. The most universally flattering shade in the collection? The rich cocoa R4 color works on everyone, according to Jenna.

The line is available for purchase in Beautylish Boutiques

  • F1- Very Fair to Light

  • F2- Light to Medium

  • F3- Medium to Warm

  • F4- Dark to Deep Dark

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