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If you’ve never heard of a zombie crawl, then you’re in luck, because I’m going to introduce you to this phenomenon of enthusiasts who dress up in character to partake in a bizarre parade of the undead. All around the country, zombie crawls are becoming a pop-culture trend. You can find one in your area and march with other flesh-eating individuals!

At Zombie-O-Rama in San Jose, California, people of all ages come together to celebrate the tradition of groaning and dragging their feet through the town in hopes of spreading the zombie epidemic. After they take a stroll around the neighborhood, they come back to what is called Gore Park and watch a horror flick (this year was Zombieland). There were booths selling liquid latex and ready-made zombie wounds to help others dress up for the occasion. I transformed myself from a fresh-faced community manager to a decaying man-eating creature just for this day.


Before you head to your vanity to zombify yourself, check out this clever way of creating exposed zombie brains with food you might have in your kitchen. Keep watching to learn how to make a bloody zombie brain out of oatmeal!

How to: Zombie Brains

Zombie Speed Up

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