Which Vitamins Should You Take?


Beauties, have you ever thought about just popping a pill to get better hair, skin and nails? Most of us take supplements or vitamins for one reason or another, or have even considered doing it. We spoke to New York City-based dermatologist Dr. Barbara Reed to find out which vitamins are safe to take and which actually improve your skin.

1 Vitamin A

"Vitamin A is well-known to be beneficial to the skin in many ways. As a pill, it's very effective for the treatment of acne. When it is used in a cream or gel, it brightens the skin, reduces pigment, and restores the skin to its normal growth pattern. It can also improve fine wrinkles!" When taking vitamin A, always make sure that your daily limit does not exceed 1.5 mg. More than this amount can be toxic to your body!

2 Vitamin C

"Vitamin C is the best vitamin to use when treating colds and improving your health. It's also used in topical products to help reduce pigment and fine wrinkling." Excess vitamin C gets flushed from your system naturally with water, so there's never a risk of overdose.

3 Vitamin D

"Vitamin D is now recommended by the Center for Disease Control in doses of 1000 units per day for bones. It also strengthens the immune system and may help fight against cancer."

4 Biotin

"To improve the health of your skin, nails, and hair, Biotin is the best supplement to take (in addition to a good diet!). It is a B-complex vitamin which is essential to cell growth, the metabolism of fats and amino acids, and helps to strengthen your hair and nails." Just like vitamin C, B vitamins also get flushed out naturally with water.