Should Your Skin Be That Red?


Beauties, is your face, neck, or decolletage covered with tiny red bumps? Have you noticed that your skin looks constantly flushed and gets extra red when you work out? It could be rosacea.  Although little is known about it, rosacea is a skin condition that many people confuse with acne, as some of the symptoms can be similar. Flushed skin, raised capillaries, and small red bumps can all appear on your face and chest. We spoke with New York City-based dermatologist Cheryl Karcher, M.D., to find out more about what causes rosacea and how to combat it.

"No one really knows the exact cause of rosacea," says Dr. Karcher. "The reason it occurs on the face and chest, though, is because the blood vessels in those areas are a lot more sensitive. So when your face is exposed to too much smoke, stress, alcohol, or heat, it turns red much more easily."

And to get rid of it? "There are several treatments," says Dr. Karcher, "but no complete cure. The first step is to avoid the main causes, such as smoke, hot and spicy foods, sunlight, and alcohol. If that doesn't work, the next thing is to try a medicated cream, such as Aveeno or Eucerin. Creams work best on people who have rosacea in the form of red bumps. And if that still doesn't seem to do enough, the next step is laser treatment. Lasers can destroy the damaged vessels, remove the redness and blushing, and restore the skin to its natural color. "

So Beauties, stay out of the sun, don't drink too much booze, and remember to take care of your skin!

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