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Top Fragrance Notes of 2011


Earlier this year, Bell Flavors and Fragrances Inc. released its annual "Top Ten Fragrances 2011," a prediction of this year's most popular fragrance notes.

The verdict is in, the most coveted notes for 2011 are earthy and smoky—fresh, yet rich. Darker, rustic scents give all fragrances a more masculine appeal than before, so expect more unisex fragrances to launch this year.

  1. Jasmine Sambac—the hottest emerging note for 2011

  2. White Patchouli—an emerging retro note with a modern twist

  3. Rich Balsamic—a bold and indulgent note for emerging male lines

  4. English Toffee—sweet accords inspired by the upcoming royal wedding

  5. Caviar Luxe—caviar accord gives a luxurious trait to unique fragrance

  6. Lime Cilantro Spice—traditions from the "Day of the Dead" reinvigorate authentic fragrance accords from emerging markets

  7. Fir Needles—a modern natural accord

  8. Brazilian Nut—inspired by the upcoming World Cup and Olympics in Brazil

  9. Guaiacwood—the "tree of life", known as Palo Santo in Jamaica, brings rustic accords alive again

  10. Brisk Blue Algae—the next big wave for energy

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