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Semi-Permanent Fake Lashes: A D.I.Y. Disaster?


Beauties, have you seen the D.I.Y. semi-permanent lash kits out on the market right now? Curious about the inexpensive (Walgreen's sells a starter kit that includes lash glue, remover, mini tweezers, and the cluster lashes for $9.99) sets, I carefully examined the packaging. "Easy to apply" and "lasts for weeks" are what sold me. Maybe this could be an inexpensive alternative to the beautiful-but-pricey lash extensions I invested in all last year. I brought the Andrea Perma-Lash Starter Kit home with me, eager to give it a road test. But before I started experimenting with the fake fringe, I consulted with my personal lash guru, Makeup Mandy's Amanda Jacobellis, whose Melrose Ave. shop in West Hollywood specializes in lash art, such as faux mink extensions (my personal favorite). What was her experience with these semi-permanent lash kits? Were they too good to be true?

If you don't use them properly, these at home kits can be a D.I.Y. disaster, according to Amanda. "They're like the Party Lashes that we put on clients for big events like a wedding, but they're not designed to be worn for more than a week, max," Amanda warns. "If you leave them on longer, they'll weigh down your natural lashes and pull them out." Unlike lash extensions, which can last a month or more because each extension is glued to an individual lash, semi-permanent lashes come in clusters, which must be bonded to a 3-5 of your natural hairs. Any wear-or-tear on the clusters (whether from rubbing your eyes or even removing eye makeup) can pull on your natural lashes, causing bald spots when the glued hairs rip out. Yikes! When it comes time to remove the falsies, Amanda advises avoiding the remover that comes in the starter kit. "That stuff is too strong. It will burn your eyes. An easy solution is to take cooking oil and rub it on your lashes. That will dissolve the glue without the need for any remover," she says.

Final verdict: At home semi-permanent lash kits are great for night or two, but lash bald spots aren't worth the savings.