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4 Quick Tips to Improving Your Videos


Creating video tutorials can be overwhelming at first. When watching a video you don't normally think about light, sound, and length of video, but all of those things and more make a huge difference in creating a successful tutorial. We have a couple of quick tips that can help you get started to posting a great video on Beautylish.

Tutorials Tips to Creating a Good Video

  1. Recording: Try to use a camera that has good quality. People want to see and hear you clearly, so make sure it is in focus, that you are in frame, and speak loud enough for the camera to pick up the sound.

  2. Light: Pay attention to what your camera is doing with light. If what you are seeing is too dark, no one will be able to follow along. The same goes for it being too bright. When using natural light, film at a good time of day. If you're using lamps, keep the light source on you.

  3. Video: Try to keep your tutorial down to what is needed in it. When you drag out a video, chances are they aren't going to watch all the way through. By editing out footage that isn't necessary you'll keep the viewer engaged.

  4. Personality: Have fun and be you! If you're not used to recording yourself, just play around and get comfortable in front of the camera before you get to creating a tutorial.

Beautylish Tip: Pull out that manual and read up on your camera settings so you know what would work best with the environment you record in (outside, indoors, incandescent lighting, fluorescent lighting, etc.).

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