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wet look hair

Hair gel goes from sticky to chic

When it comes to summer's easiest hair trend, the sleek, wet look, nothing works better than hair gel. Whether you're heading to a pool or a dance party, slicked back hair adds instant sophistication without much effort. Tresemmé celebrity hairstylist Jeanie Syfu shows us how to take the gel out of the Jersey Shore (no spiky hair here!) and make it chic.

How To Sleek Shiny Hair

  1. Apply an extra firm hold gel to damp hair For an even distribution, section hair and comb the gel through.

  2. Smooth hair while blowdrying Using a paddle brush and a dryer with a nozzle, wrap hair around your head. "Make sure you follow the nozzle in the same direction as you're wrapping," Jeanie says. "Think of using your head as a big roller while you blow dry."

  3. Repeat in opposite direction For a flat, sleek finish, make sure to wrap hair in both directions. This will also give your hair more movement.

How To Slick Chignon

  1. Straighten hair Blow dry hair with a paddle brush for a smooth, straight style.

  2. Apply gel to dry hair Starting from the hairline and the nape of the neck, work some gel all the way through to the ends of the hair. "When working the gel through to the ends, first use a paddle brush and then go back over the hair with a fine tooth comb," Jeanie says. "The comb will get rid of any bumps and hair to lay flat and look sleek."

  3. Gather hair in a low ponytail Using a fine tooth comb, create a deep side part and secure hair in a low ponytail.

  4. Twist hair into a bun Wrap hair around the base of the ponytail to create a chignon. Secure with pins.

Images courtesy of beautyriot.com, beautyeditor.ca, thephotographylink.com

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