Eva Mendes Is The New Angel 


Eva Mendes IS The New Face Of Thierry Mugler AngeL

Say hello to the new face of Thierry Mugler Angel fragrance, Eva Mendes. Previous Angels have included Biance Balti, Estelle Lefebure, Jerry Hall, Amy Wesson, Anna Maria Cseh, and the most recent face of the brand, Naomi Watts. We can see why they choose Eva--she just oozes with gorgeousness! If we can look that amazing with Angel, spritz some on us, stat!

According to a brand spokesperson, "Thierry Mugler chose to reignite the enticing and explosive dimensions of the fragrance with the sultry Mendes. Though her obviously flawless physical beauty is in perfect harmony with the artist's aesthetic canon, Ms. Mendes mesmerized Mugler with her independence, determination and humor."

Image courtesy of wallpapers-diq.com

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