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True Blood Nail Tutorial 


This isn't your typical nail design that's all cupcakes and sunshine. We have our in-house nail expert, Romee Han, create True Blood inspired nails. Just in time for True Blood's fourth season premiere on June 26, we went for a dark and gory design to get into the vampire spirit. Here's the breakdown.

What You'll Need:

  • Sinful Colors Professional Nail Color in Black on Black 2
  • Duri Nail Polish in Moulin Rouge
  • Forever 21 Polish in Cherry Red
  • NYX Cosmetics Glitter On The Go in Coral
  • Duri Rejuvacote Base Coat
  • Duri Miracote Super Fast Dry Through Top Coat
  • Makeup Sponge

STEP 1 Base Coat + Polish Nails

In broad, even strokes, apply a thin layer of a base coat. Apply two coats of black nail polish on each finger. Allow 3-5 minutes of drying time between each coat.

STEP 2 Stipple Red Polish

Pour a small amount of dark red nail polish and glitter on a piece of plastic. Dip the tip of a makeup sponge into the polish and stipple it onto the tips of your nails. "You don't need to be precise," says Romee. "There'll be glitter on top, so you can be as messy as you want with this base color." After one nail is done, continue to step 3 immediately. When doing this design, you can skip a finger or two (we kept the ring fingers effect-free in this demo).

STEP 3 Glitter Time

The glitter will give the nails a pulpy texture. Use the same makeup sponge to dip into the glitter and stipple it over the wet polish tips from step 2. The wet polish gives the glitter something to adhere to.

STEP 4 Make Them Bloody

Repeat step 2 over the glitter, but use a bright red polish. Your nail tips will look like bloody flesh (sort of gross but hey, it's for True Blood)!

STEP 5 Drips of Blood

In the center of your ring finger, add a small glob of the bright nail polish. Shake your hand in downward motions to make the polish drip down. Use a piece of paper towel to drag the polish down to get your desired blood drip effect. 

STEP 5 Drips of Blood

Clean up the edges of your nails with nail polish remover and apply a layer of a top coat. Voilà, now you have bloody tips when you watch the premiere of True Blood!

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