Summer Spa Treatments


You don't need to jet set across the world for a vacation to unwind (though that would be nice). This summer, take a mini-retreat and treat yourself to some well-deserved R&R time at a spa. We give you our top three picks of refreshing spa treatments to pamper and prettify yourself. If you're new to the spa scene, don't miss our article about spa etiquette so you can enjoy your pampering from beginning to end.

Spa treatments 3 Picks To Relax During The Summer

  1. Body Wraps If you get claustrophobic, you may want to avoid this treatment. Your body is slathered from head to neck with moisturizing ingredients and wrapped in plastic. It feels a little funky all over your body but it's such a great way to relax and detox your body (you may even shed a little water weight). You'll find body wraps that use interesting ingredients like seaweed, mud, clay and even chocolate. 

  2. Body Scrubs Don't be afraid to show some skin, especially if it gets hot and humid where you live. A body scrub will slough off your dead skin cells and help smooth your skin out and make it feel baby soft. Look for body exfoliating treatments with ingredients like sea salt, sugar and fruits. 

  3. Foot Peel Don't neglect your feet this summer, especially with all the open-toed shoes you'll be sporting. Add an enzyme peel to your normal pedicure to chemically remove hard callouses and reveal softer skin. You'll be amazed at how silky your feet will feel.