Beauty Guru Must-Haves for Theme Parks


youtubers take over disneyland

Around IMATS every year, I (jazziebabycakes) take a trip to Disneyland with my friends and fellow YouTube beauty gurus Josh (petrilude), Leesha (xsparkage) and Suzy (macNC40). To make make sure there are no speed bumps throughout the day, we pack these products so that we can enjoy the parks all day without skipping a beat.

Our Must-Haves for Getting the Most Out of our Disney Day

  1. Bottled Water: Staying hydrated throughout the day is important because you are out in the sun and moving around constantly.

  2. SPF: With all the walking around and waiting in lines, your whole body is going to be exposed to the sun. Make sure you protect yourself from those UV rays!

  3. Lip Conditioner: Keep it simple and nix the lipstick and lip gloss. If your hair is down it will just get stuck to the gloss when get whipped around a roller coaster. And lipstick requires touching up, which can lead to caked up lips. You can opt for a lip conditioner instead.

  4. Sunglasses: When it's warm out, I don't like to deal with heavy makeup. The last thing I want to worry about when I'm enjoying Disneyland is makeup melt-down! With sunglasses, I'm protecting my eyes and adding style to my face without shadow or pencil. I leave all that makeup fuss for another day.

  5. Just-in-case Pharmacy: It never hurts to be prepared for instances like headaches, stomach issues, or cuts. I like to keep a pill case containing aspirin, antacids, Band-Aids and non-drowsy allergy medicine. 

  6. Camera & Camcorder: Being YouTubers, we naturally want to document everything. Bring a camera and camcorder so you can capture all the amazing moments you have.

Guru Tip: Divide your needs among your friends so that your bag is lighter. You won't have to double up on products and won't feel like you're carrying a ball and chain by the end of the day!