The It Eye Liner of the Moment: Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel


If the world was ending and I still needed to look pretty, I would grab eye liner over mascara—insert audible gasp. Whether a basic black or vivid chartreuse, eye liner is the quickest way to create definition, shape, and pop on my peepers. Consequently, I'm always testing pencils, gels, and creams to see which formulas get on my "I'm obsessed" list. During my most recent trip to IMATS, I discovered Inglot's AMC Eyeliner Gel. "Inglot's been in Europe for over 25 years, so [Mr. Inglot] really perfected his formulas," says Shafeeza B., General Manager of Inglot USA. "The gel liners are amazing—they're formulated and manufactured in-house in Poland, along with everything else in the line." And with over 20 shades in the collection, it's easy to get addicted: Their top-sellers (and staples) are #90 and #77, a brownish grey and a black.

I snagged four shades at IMATS: 86 (a deep forest green), 74 (a deep plum eggplant), 76 (a stark white), and 88 (a robin's egg blue). They apply flawlessly with smooth coverage and long-wearing pigment—what you see in the pot is what you get on your lash line. I even walked out of a 105° F bikram yoga class with a flawless cat eye—now that's staying power. I might just buy a couple (or 10) more.

"The formula is fantastic, but it dries within 60 seconds, so you have to work fast," says Shafeeza. "Use quick strokes and either a bent angled brush or a flat angled brush to get an even line." Inglot recommends their 30T Bent Angle Brush for beginners looking for easier application, and the 31T Flat Angle Brush for makeup artists and professionals.

So what else can you do with this long-wearing color pot? "These eyeliners are multi-purpose and mixable. You can prep your lids first to wear them as shadow, or mix with lip balm for custom lipstick in a spectrum of colors," Shafeeza says. "You can also create your own shades of eye liner by blending individual colors on a metal palette, it's really like painting."

Shafeeza's got one trick that really sets your eyes apart: Color-blocking your lashes! "I love painting the tips of lashes with a vivid liner. Colored mascara doesn't really come in very fun colors, so it's great to use a vibrant lime green or an intensely pigmented yellow for a cool and unexpected pop. Apply your regular mascara first, then grab some eye liner on a disposable mascara wand and paint on tips, it's easy!" Inglot gel liners only hit the US market a few years ago, but they're certainly here to stay.

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