Lady Gaga's Crazy Cartoon Eyes


At the MTV Video Music Aid Japan Awards on Saturday June 25th, Lady Gaga wore a makeup look that definitely had people staring, including her. Not surprisingly, she has been talked about for the choice of makeup she wore that day and I'm sure she doesn't mind all the attention. Whether or not it is tasteful or something people would be willing to wear out, I wanted to test drive this look out and see what I'd look like.

HOW TO Lady Gaga Cartoon Eyes

  1. Lighten Brows Brush concealer over brow hairs to lighten them up.

  2. Create That Eye Shape Use your favorite black gel liner and outline that eye shape.

  3. Whiten Those Eyes With a matte shadow, shade the inner & outer corner of your eye. 

  4. Paint In The Lashes With a detail brush, flick lines from that eye shape to create lashes above your brows.

  5. Wing That Eyeliner Add a double wing on the inner corner of your eye.

  6. Apply False Lashes Because those lashes around your eye aren't enough for Gaga, add some falsies to your top lash line.

  7. Rosy Up Those Cheeks Apply a warm peachy blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend across the cheekbone.

  8. Fake a Beauty Mark  With black liner, add a beauty mark to your cheek.

  9. Brighten up that Pout Taking a matte red lipstick, fill in those lips and you're all done!

Beautylish Tip: If your gel liner creases on you, set it with some black eye shadow. This will make sure your liner stays in place and that remains a true black. 

Image courtesy of Just Jared

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