All Eyes On: Joy Perry of Joyluvsmakeup


The beautiful Joy Perry of joyluvsmakeup creates wonderful tutorials on her YouTube channel joyluvsmakeup. Her looks ranges from inspirations from celebrites, seasons, and colors. Yes, she creates the most amazing flawless looks that are breathtakingly beautiful, but she also has her great blog that breaks down her work, makeup raves, fitness tips, and skin care advice. We think Ms. Perry can help you bring out the fierce-ness and rockstar within you!

Q &A: Joy Perry of Joyluvsmakeup

B: At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to be a make-up artist?

I had been wanting to go to cosmetology school right out of high school but I decided to go the traditional college route to appease my parents. After a 2 year degree and a few years out on my own, I realized that I needed to do what made me happy at the end of the day. My boyfriend actually suggested it to me 2 years ago because I had been wanting to do something that I could be creative with.

B: How were you inspired to start your blog and YouTube Channel?

When I first contemplated becoming a makeup artist I did a lot of my research on blogs and on YouTube. I started blogging first because I had heard horror stories of how “haters” would troll on YouTube leaving rude comments. After a while I was like, eh, I don’t care. So I started filming tutorials of my own and they’ve become more popular than my blog. I guess because its a lot easier to watch a step by step live tutorial.

B: What is your favorite thing about being a makeup artist?

Making a person feel better about themselves has to be my favorite part of my job. Whether it being helping them to hide something that they’re self conscious about, or trying a fun new look that they never thought they could pull off, it makes my job worth more than the money.

B: What are the obstacles and challenges that you have faced in your field since you began?

I’m self taught so I pretty much started from nothing. I’m not a millionaire so it took me a while to build a complete kit. I’m still trying to build my client base as a freelancer, which can be challenging at times.

B: Who are your beauty inspirations?

Probably sounds crazy but when I was doing P90X workouts, I really wanted to meet Tony Horton and do his makeup—men on TV always wear makeup! I met him one day that he appeared for Fox and I was bouncing off the walls! I couldn’t believe it. Other than that of course I would love to do Lady Gaga or Rihanna, women that aren’t afraid to try something crazy with their makeup.

B: For aspiring make-up artists, can you outline an idea of what a day is like in your shoes?

To prepare for shoots and weddings, I wash all of my brushes the night before and allow them to air dry over night. I also pack and organize my kit with everything that I’ll need the night before. Always have to be sure to arrive a little earlier than your call time to set up. Have a little talk about what kind of look the client is looking for and it’s helpful do do makeup in front of a mirror so that they can monitor progress and request changes if necessary. Also, bring a chair to gigs. A lot of times there won’t be a tall chair available, and if you’re tall like me, bringing a chair with you will save your back. And don’t bring your life with you in your traincase. Even if its a rolling one, you have to pick it up at some point.

B: Name five products you just can't live without.

Everything. No, just kidding. I’m a moisture fanatic so I always use a heavy duty facial moisturizer. Right now I’m using Yes To Carrots moisturizing day cream. Aquaphor is a must, I can’t even fall asleep with out it on my lips, which probably isn’t healthy. I’ve been wearing eyeliner since early high school, so that’s also a mainstay for me. L’oreal extra intense eyeliner in very black is my current fave. Sunscreen is necessary of course, I never go a day without it. I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 55. Since my eyebrows are a process in themselves, always have to have my Maybelline Define-a-brow pencil to fill them in. Outside of the crazy looks that I do, I keep it pretty simple.