All Eyes On: Nymphette


She rocks bold colors, has a funk-tastic hair cut with a partially shaved head, and seems like an absolute sweet heart. It’s hard not to watch Nymphette’s beauty videos on her YouTube beauty channel and be inspired by her daily FOTD (face of the day) looks on her makeup blog. Read what inspired Nymphette to start their own channel and what her favorite products are!

Q &A: Nymphette

B: What inspired you to start your own YouTube channel and blog?

I was actually a member on and a regular poster on the FOTD (Face of the Day) board. I got a ton of private messages asking me if I had a blog or not. After getting these messages, I started to think that maybe there was room for one more blog. I got a lot of messages from women of Asian descent as well and they were the ones that really motivated me to start my blog. Asian women are almost always advised to stay away from color and bold eye looks and that is not something I agree with. I wanted to show people that you don’t always have to do what you are told when it comes to beauty. This was my original inspiration but my blog has developed into a lot more.

B: Who are your favorite beauty guru’s and why?

Fafinettex3 and xteeener were two of the first gurus that I watched on YouTube and still are my favorites. I love that they don’t stick to the neutrals that are usually recommended for Asian eyes.

B: What are your top three favorite products and why?

It is very hard to narrow down my favorite products to just 3 but the 3 important areas for me are eyebrows, contouring and skintone. With these 3 things, my “base” is ready for anything I want to add to it.

I cannot live without my MAC Brow Finisher in Clear. This is a brow wax that tames my brows and provides a perfect base for my brow powder. I also use my MAC Sculpt & Shape to contour my face every single day. Contouring is so important in my eyes. You can accentuate your bone structure or completely alter certain areas of your face with the illusion of shadows and highlights. I am currently in love with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus. It evens me out with covering my skin completely. It gives me the highly sought after dewy finish and makes my skin look amazing yet natural.