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Merle Norman Gets a Makeover!


merle norman

American beauty brand gets a makeover!

80 years ago, (and over a decade before Estée Lauder sold her first lipstick), Merle Norman (right) launched her namesake beauty brand in Santa Monica, CA. Today, the quintessential American beauty brand (every product is made in the U.S.A) is still family-owned, with Merle's grand-nephew Jack Nethercutt—Nethercutt was Merle's maiden name—now at the helm of the company. In honor of the brand's 80th birthday, Jack and his wife Helen have decided to give Merle Norman a makeover. Every single product will have new, sleeker, packaging with an elegant new logo (which is also embossed on the lipstick bullets).

"When we first started making lipstick, there were just three shades. Light, medium, and dark—red," Jack Nethercutt says. "You could have your pick, but it had to be red." But as you can see from the new collection of Lip Polish glosses (below), there's a much wider selection of hues available now at Merle Norman Studios across the country. Merle Norman Lip Polish will be available starting Monday, May 2nd.

Images courtesy of Merle Norman

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