Spotlight On: Mandy Rain


Once the lead singer of the Nickelodeon's all-girl group School Gyrls (under Nick Cannon production company NCredible Entertainment), Mandy Rain is now working on her first solo album. At only 17 years old, Mandy has established herself as an actress, pop singer and songwriter. We can't wait to see what projects she has in store for her fans this year!

Q & A Mandy Rain

Q. Now that you're transitioning into your own singing and acting career, how has your look and style evolved from the days of School Gyrls?

My style has always been my own. I love fashion and changing up my look is something I have become known for. Since I've gone solo, I think my look varies the most depending on how I wear my hair. It's currently long and sometimes I like to wear bangs and other times I like pulling them off my face. Sometimes I like to really shake things up and go with a crimpy wild style. As for fashion, I now dress a bit more mature and I love wearing funky unique things. My outfit usually starts with the shoes because they set the mood. I like to shop everywhere and if something's fun and different, I have to have it in my closet!

Q. For a day in the studio, what would you typically use on your face?

I'm a Noxzema girl, so I start off with that usually. If not that, I like to use a mild soap and water to cleanse my face. Like anyone, from time to time I have frustrating skin days so I like to use ProActiv. Afterward, I like to use Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion. My makeup is very minimal. I've used many different foundations for a light coverage, but my favorite is from the drugstore—it's L'Oréal! I love doing simple cat eyes, but that's usually when I go full out. But for a day in the studio, I use a light cover up, some mascara and lip gloss. For lips, I love anything from Victoria's Secret or even just Vaseline Lip Therapy.

Q. Do you prefer having your makeup done by professional artists or by yourself?

I love getting my makeup done professionally because I normally don't wear a lot and I love how they can match the makeup to the theme of my outfit.

Q. What's your usual skincare routine? How do you keep your face looking bright?

I drink a lot of water and try to watch my diet to make sure I'm putting healthy foods into my body. I dance and exercise every day which also I think contributes to my healthy skin. To cleanse my face every morning and night, I either use Noxzema or a mild soap and water with a delicate sponge. 

Q. What would you consider your signature makeup look now?

I honestly don't wear a lot of makeup. I wear a very light foundation, a touch of mascara, and nude, clear or light pink lip gloss.

Q. How do you keep your lovely blond locks so healthy?

I let my hair dry naturally and try my best not to use hot tools if I don't have to. 

Q. Who are your beauty inspirations?

Hillary Duff, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus are all very beautiful.

Q. What must-have beauty products do you always need to have?

My favorite hair product of all time is Aquage and Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss. I also can't forget my lip gloss!

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