Office Party Beauty Tips


Although there may be music, egg nog, and dancing, the annual office party is still a business function. Just like you want to avoid ending up with a lampshade on your head, you also want to steer clear of making a major beauty blunder. But looking chic and promotion-worthy can be difficult when there are no set rules for these festive fêtes. Until now. Follow Beautylish’s simple guidelines and you’ll be perfectly glammed up for your holiday soiree.

Everything in Moderation

Fashion and beauty advice for office parties go hand in hand. While you should avoid Christmas sweaters, dresses that reveal too much, and goofy holiday-themed accessories (think: reindeer headband), you should still add one item of festive flare. We don't recommend slathering on body shimmer or wearing a sequined mini (a la Kim Kardashian), but if you like glitz and glamour, holiday parties are ideal for sporting metallics on your nails. The confetti-like effect of glitter polish gives off an adorable party vibe without being over the top. There is also a delicate balance between diva glamour (put away those rhinestone eye lashes!) and no makeup at all. A bit of polish goes a long way, so at the very least apply mascara, tinted lip gloss, and blush. If you end up chatting with a company bigwig, you don’t want to look as if you just stumbled over from the gym.

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Touch Up Your Look

Wearing your party makeup to the office is a no-no. Not only can it easily get messy and smudged during the day, but the nighttime style can look out of place. Plus, how will anyone notice a transition in your look if you’d had it on since the a.m.? Instead, start with a neutral palette so you can quickly and easily layer on a simple smoky eye or power pout before hitting the soiree. No need for a sky-high updo, either. Since the fête is about relaxing, let your hair down—literally. If you normally wear your hair loose during the day, add a few curls to make your hair a bit more festive.

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Catch Scarlet Fever

When in doubt, always go with red. Whether you sport a cherry lip or ruby nails, the classic hue is merry and always looks dressed up. No matter your attire, the pop of color will act as a cheerful accessory. Be sure to remember rule number one (moderation is key!) and avoid a head-to-toe crimson style. Another bright idea? Try a matte statement lip, which is a one-step solution to transitioning your look from day to night.

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