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Butterfly Beauty


Perhaps one of the prettiest insects on the planet, the butterfly embodies the spirit of beauty and transformation in nature. What we adore most about these delicate creatures is their gorgeous chameleon wings. The color palettes vary drastically among the approximate 12,000 known species, but we're transfixed by any of their multitonal hues and designs. Naturally, these inspiring patterns can easily translate into beauty. Discover three of our favorite ideas from our fluttering friends.

On your hair...

Faux butterflies make stunning and whimsical hair accessories (see gorgeous inspiration above). Simply attach the butterfly to a bobby pin with a glue gun and you'll instantly feel fairy-tale. If you can't handle a creepy-crawly hairstyle, BubzBeauty has an easy braided butterfly hair tutorial that mimics the effect of wings!

On your nails...

To simulate a classic orange and black monarch, create a vivid ombré base of three or more hues, then paint the black and white cell structures over the design. If you're into abstract, playful butterflies, you'll like the design Robin M. creates here.

On your eyes...

The eyes have it for myriad patterns. Check out how to adorn the outer corners of your eyes with butterfly wings from Beauty Klaire D.