Vivienne Westwood Paints Faces Green, Gives Andy Warhol New Life on the Runway


Is everyone drinking the Factory Kool-Aid or what? After embracing Marc Jacobs' Edie Sedgwick inspiration at New York Fashion Week and marveling at Nars’ very own Warhol cosmetics collection launching this holiday season, it’s not hard to be drawn to the distinctly pop art faces seen at Vivienne Westwood's London Fashion Week Red Label show (and they remind us of the popular Lichtenstein comic looks on Beautylish!). MAC makeup artist Val Garland applied various colorways in lavender, tangerine, green, and blue to mimic Warhol’s famous prints, while Toni & Guy artist Mark Hampton fashioned perma-styled wigs made to look either like the Queen or a Factory Queen.

Interestingly enough, the British designer was more concerned about the message behind the makeup. Vivienne is a staunch advocate of climate change and the environment (check out her "climate pirate" makeup job down below!), and the whole retro vibe of the collection—repurposed vintage silhouettes, "Mad Men" era hair, and screen-printed skin—was an homage to sustainability and the recycling of ideas. For a designer who claims this collection isn’t about the clothes, everything sure looks well-fashioned. We’ll give you this one, Viv.