Obsessed: A Concealer That Covers it All


The sleep-deprived, internet fanatic that I am, I’ve tried my fair share of concealers and it’s been trial and error on my dark circles throughout the years. Someone once described OCC Skin: Conceal as “Photoshop in a jar,” so I had to try it. The wonder product doesn’t disappoint. I can be completely discolored in spots with irritation around my nostrils, and this cover-up leaves me with the most even-toned face I’ve ever had.

Intended as a multi-purpose skin product, this line fits perfectly with my OCC Airbrush Foundation since all of their skin products have the same shade range. I’ve been using their skin products for quite some time, so this made it a lot easier to find out what color I needed. I personally use two different shades as I need a slightly deeper, warmer toned concealer under my eyes. Just like their industry-loved Lip Tar, a little product goes a long way—so your face is light, clean and crease-free without caking on the layers. Thanks to this pot of gold, I go from worn out and fatigued to fresh-faced and ready to face the day.

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