Transformation with Billy B: Nicole Fox to Marlene Dietrich


Beautylish recently got together with superstar makeup artist Billy B and model Nicole Fox to create this dramatic transformation.

"The inspiration for this is Marlene Dietrich. This is my interpretation. She may very well be the most iconic look of all time. What I love about her is that she never changed. She knew exactly who she was, what her sense of style was and she never compromised or changed it. I was thrilled to work with Nicole Fox who I'm a huge fan of. She became Marlene Dietrich and that's what made the makeup come alive."

Billy B will be delivering the key note speech at the Makeup Show Chicago 2012 (Monday, June 18th 2-3:30pm). His talk "The Trip of a Lifetime - Billy B's Career GPS" will be the must-see event of the show. Don't miss it!