No More Creasing, Caking, and Flaking Makeup



Finding it hard to apply your makeup during the chillier seasons? Cold air, winter sports, and indoor heating can make your foundation look cakey, lipstick flaky, and eye shadow too powdery. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to counteract the harsh conditions, and it all involves moisture. We spoke with New York City-based celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose (he works with Hillary Duff, Anne Hathaway, and Vera Farmiga) for some tips on how to keep your makeup flawless right now.

1 Skin

During wintertime your skin dries out extremely quickly, and can make foundation application tricky—even if you've moisturized! For beautiful, dewy coverage, Nick advises tailoring your foundation to your skin type. "When you've got makeup on, your skin dries out even faster than normal,” he says. "To combat dryness, mix face cream with liquid foundation for a healthy glow.” It's also a good idea to apply a serum or moisturizer after your makeup. "Powder blush can look pasty on winter skin, so adding a little cream or serum on top will give you a sheen that looks fresh," explains Nick.

2 Eyes

While your lids may smear in the summer, they're likely to produce less oil in the winter, causing shadows to look too powdery. "Opt for a cream shadow in winter," suggests Nick. "The formula won't run or get greasy, and it won't look too powdery." It's also important to pay attention to your lashes. "Eye lashes do dry out in the cold weather, and they take a lot of abuse from curling, mascara, and eye makeup remover," says Nick. Try and use a lash serum before bed to give them some extra love.

3 Lips

Your lips are the first place to age and dry out (as they don't have any oil glands) so it's extra important to pay attention to them in the winter. Always moisturize your pout with a lip balm (use whatever formula you prefer) but opt for conditioning and gel formulas when picking a color. "The best lip products in winter are gel formula pencils," says Nick. "A regular lip pencil can be too opaque and can make chapped lips look even worse, but a gel formula will glide on smoothly."