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Power Pouts!


We've seen polka dots, stamps, and glitter, but these Beauties are creating masterpieces on their mouths with eye-popping pigments. We rounded up a few of these jaw-dropping lip effects—all hand-crafted.

Alex S.

Alex (top, left) blended two primary colors in the center of her pout to create a one-of-a-kind electric effect. While the look isn't smooch-ready, we love her playful yet detailed use of neon colors.

Snarky Princess S.

Rainbow bright! Using every color in the spectrum, Snarky Princess (top, right) designed this Oz-worthy look. The glossy sheen ties all of the hues together in a muted combo.

Mickey Picasso M.

Are we in The Hunger Games?, Mickey Picasso (bottom, left) painted this futuro-galactic lip straight from the Capitol! We adore the striking, brilliant contrast of silvery blue, gold and orange.