Spring Trend: Colorful Mascara


Here's a bright idea! Thanks to Stella McCartney's Paris fashion show, the beauty world is buzzing about colorful lashes. But finding the fine line between trendy and tacky can be difficult with such an eye-popping effect. Here are a few tips so you can perk up your peepers in style!


When applying color to your lashes, stick with cool tones. Vibrant purple and blue tints are universally flattering and make the whites of your eyes look brighter. Although makeup artist Pat McGrath applied loose pigment to the model's lashes backstage at Stella McCartney's fall fashion show, there are a slew of fantastic mascaras that will do the trick. Be sure to apply several coats to both top and bottom lashes to get the full effect. We suggest minimal makeup and a nude lip—for an extra pop, tightline your lashes with a matching cobalt eye liner.

1. Estée Lauder Sumptuous Two-Tone Eye Opening Mascara in Bold Black/Rich Blue

With two different mascara wands (and two different colors), you can add a little blue to the ends of your lashes, or coat them in cobalt entirely! Either way, the two-in-one mascara (launching April) adds extreme length to your lashes.

2. Anna Sui Lash Amplifying Mascara in 100

Besides the adorable packaging, we can't get over the funky wand design. Designed to look like a cross between a comb and a spatula, you can achieve spikey, spidery lashes (just like those at Stella) with one swipe.

3. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Color Concentrate in Cavu Blue

Almost the exact same hue that Pat McGrath used to coat model's lashes, this vivid blue pigment will make your eyes pop—majorly. Apply with a eyebrow brush quickly after layering on two coats of black mascara to help it stick.

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