This is Illamasqua's "Human Fundamentalism"

The Illamasqua ombré chicken is the hottest hen in town—dyed to match a cut crease eye.
"My chain hits my chest when I'm banging on the radio." —M.I.A., "Bad Girls"
We love the teal nails crying jeweled tears.
Do you want Memphis nails with that shake? A pizza ring is everything.
The Ghost of Craft Caravan Past loves a statement cheek and a stacked braid.
Take a ride with striped hula hoop tape and a leaf-eating pair of Little Shop of Horrors ruby lips.
Maximalism at your fingertips? This world is clicking!
The "Human Fundamentalism" video opener makes our alter ego happy.

We love braces so much right now. Illamasqua does chic mouthgear and a red lip.
We also love handsome, Norwegian, traditional Sami joik folksingers.

We think her collar is inflatable and are sort of freaking out over it.
Global nomad is gorgeous at any age.

Putting the mental back in fundamentalism. We love you Illamasqua!
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The master artists at London-based Illamasqua have released their spring collection “Human Fundamentalism.” Hitting on March 20th, the line celebrates the Technicolor global makeup movement with palettes, powders and polishes in wickedly sophisticated tints of acid-washed mint, milky magenta and desert gold. We are gagging over it. The texture, the color, the campaign images! Get into our up-close-and-personal gallery that you won’t find anywhere else. Can you spot the pizza ring?