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The Morning Beauty Rush: Where Do You Spend Your Time?


Digital Vision/Thinkstock

Most Beauties have their morning routine pretty set when the alarm sounds. Brush, floss, rinse, cleanse—the hygiene basics can’t be skipped. But what happens when time is running out, leaving you with the ultimate bathroom conundrum: Where should I invest my last moments?

We began thinking about this beauty catch-22 while browsing the forum topic, “What’s More Important.” Fascinated at the responses from our Beauties, we were surprised at how much contributors chose great hair over a full face of makeup! Seems like locks are a bigger self-esteem booster than lip gloss. But our editors were a little shocked to see little mention of skin care or sunscreen routines—tsk tsk.

Now, we’re even more curious about the rest of our community. If time is of the essence and you can only spend time on one feature, where do you invest? Explain your morning beauty decisions below.