Beauty Product Reviews

Favorite blushes by far

SUPER PIGMENTED... So be very light with your hands ... I purchased magenta and redwood, these blushes are crazy cheap and can last a very long time, the range of colors are extremely gorgeous...

The photo is (redwood) color...


Great product takes a few tries to get it right.. Even when you first squeeze it out it may look clear but it is BOLD in color... Only a little is needed, these tubes are small, but can last a very long time... I applied mine with gold glitter for a crazy ombre look...

Will never use another company

My favorite! The first powder that keeps my oily skin matted all DAY AND NIGHT... Does not sweat off, applies evenly, can also be used as a highlight. Gives you that hollywood glow!

Love the coco tan

I have gold and orange undertones in my skin, and i love the coco tan powder, looks great with the matte foundation, cake foundation, and banana powder. Gives the ULTIMATE hollywood glow

Great for oily skin

I will never use any other company. Ben nye keeps my face matte from night until day. I use with the banana powder and coco tan powder, some times with the cake foundation also. Recommend for anyone with oily skin

Full coverage

Really soak your sponge, but full coverage, lasts ALL DAY... Use with ben nye powders for great matte all day and night use. I use this product EVERYDAY. And in every youtube video.