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One order i decided to try this and bought 3 wish i hadn't bought any!! I've heard a few people rave about this product, but it was just tooo sticky for me. I will not be re-purchasing this product again. it was a total miss which makes me sad bc i really really love elf products!

best $1 spent

for $1 i can not complain. it does exactly what i need it to. I would rather pay one dollar than spend the $30 i spent my udpp to dry out and go to waste on me. at least if this dried out it wouldn't break the bank.

Love it!

I have this product, i've tried it as a highlighter, but wasn't all that crazy about it. BUT i do love to use it to pop on my eyelids when i don't feel like wearing anything, but feel like i need something and this does the trick! I use it with mascara only and looks good. No complaints from this girl!

Great for what I need it for

I have the teal, bright purple, and black ones. I have had the teal the longest which is about 5 months probably. It hasn't dried out on me yet knock-on-wood. I love it and allows for the perfect pop of color on the upper eyelid!!

My love in lip balm form

I have 2 of these little babies. My first was lemon drop i figured it was fitting since i love real lemon drops! ANd sure enough i fell in love with the first swipe across my lips. Its thick consistency is just what the lip doctor ordered. My lips were moisturized and heavenly after it. Then I saw summer fruit and decided to give it a whirl. Ehhh..I don't like it nearly as much as my lemon drop, plus added bonus is lemon drop has SPF while the others don't.

Worth the purchase!

I LOVE these! If you layer them over a lip liner these baby will stay in place for hours! I used 911D for this past halloween and i didn't have to re-apply once the whole night. I really do love these and for the price tag of $3.00 you really can't beat the quality of product. The packaging on the other hand leaves much to be desired. I hope this helps!

Top to Bottom: 902C--similar to MAC's cherish 903C--a nice subtle pink 908C--MAC rebel dupe 910D--a bright red 911D--a bluish red

Good color for a better price

I grabbed the comfort zone pallete on the fly because I really loved this one greenish-blue color, but I haven't used that one yet :/ soon! I ended up usuing a bronzey/brown color because it matched my outfit a bit more. The color off was ahhhhmazing for such a cheap product! 8 shades for $4.99 you really can't beat it! Wet n Wild is def stepping up their game and it's showing

Good cheap matte bronzer

On the fly saturday I stopped in a hurry at walgreens for some cheap make-up to hit the town saturday night bc I hadn't been home all day...I bought this for like $3 or $4 and it did it's job. I liked it because it was a matte finish and didn't break the bank. It was def a nice break from my usually sparkly face :) haha

Decent for the Price

Saturday I had been out ALL day with no make-up because it was 100 degrees and didn't feel it was worth it that morning, but come 11pm I still had yet to be home and got an invite to party of course I said yes, On to the review!! haha..I was in a hurry and stopped at Walgreens since it's 24/7 and didn't feel like spending a TON of $$ on some last minute make-up so I grabbed this for $2.99 lemme tell ya it's pretty good for a cheapie! It lasted me through the night till the next morning oopsies I didn't wash my face, but whatev's if your new to the make-up scene or need a quick cheap mascara this should be your go-to.


a little seriously goes a loooooooooong way with this product! I don't normally use concealer even though i suffer from serious baggage (under eye baggage) is the kind i'm referring to. i bought it in tan and matches my skin great and it totally hid the bags! i was ahhhhhhhhmazed, but after a long hot day my bags seemed more noticeable after having used the product it was my first day and it was long and hot and sweaty and i truly was exhausted so thats probably what it was. i'm going to try it again for sure tomorrow probably. but the coverage was great thats why i'm giving it a 5 outta 5

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