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Not Impressed

I have several of these lip tars. I love the color variety, pay off, and pigmentation of all of them, but as for the longevity it's not there for me. It fades rather quickly off my lips. I much prefer my WnW lippies. They last far longer on my lips than both MAC and OCC. I also am not a fan of the liquid consistency of these. They are more hype to me than anything. It also has a major drying effect on my lips which I absolutely detest. I also hate how they separate in the container, it looks gross!! *Top to Bottom* Narcisiuss (I think I spelled that wrong, the name rubbed off) Anime Grandma ChaCha NSFW Hoochie Tarred (as you can see it's really watery and barely and black came out even after squishing it around in the tube.) Feathered

my favorite!

These are my favorite glosses! They're not too sticky, they smell yummy, and they're shiny and they have a huge selection. What more could you ask for? I seriously own about 10 of these that is how much I love them. Worth every cent!


I was at the Lancome counter about a month and half ago with my aunt. My eyes were instantly drawn to Shimmer Tamarind. Its not an option here but the color is gorgeous!! It might look scary to most, but when you put it on its the most natural looking flush color! I get so many compliments when I wear this. I'm not going to lie for $30 i was like eeeeekkkk!! I don't want to pay that much, but luckily i have a very nice aunt who splurged for me and I am so glad she did. I really really really LOVE this product!!

works ok

I have this and the stick concealer sold my elf in ivory. By themselves I don't love either one, but together they are the perfect marriage of concealer. This liquid formula really allows for nice blending with the other creating the perfect under eye coverage for me with a nice pop of lightness that doesn't look to odd. I have noticed a lot on some girls how they have a tan face with super white under eyes it looks unnatural, but this pair creates the perfect brightness!!

Works well

I have 2 a minty green one and a brown one. I don't have many matte shadows so I wanted to try these out. I really like them. The minty is a bit tooooo light for me, but I really love the matte brown shade paired with the teal tease cream shadow. I think the two colors complement one another well and really make my green eyes pop!!

ME likey!!

I accidently bought this in Ivory because I clearly wasn't paying attention. What I do is mix it with the other Studio concealer/glow in medium. It makes it really easy to move around because alone this one isn't all that blendable. I'm really happy though because the mix of ivory/medium brightens my undereye area just enough so that it doesn't look to redonk. Like some girls who have uber white undereyes that looks a tad unnatural to me.

Great coverage

This stuff works really well. It does this trick. I have it in both Sand & Buff. Sand is a bit light, but after I add powder on top its the right shade. Buff is a lil too dark at the moment thanks to my lack of tanning, but come summer I will be busting it out again. Totally worth the $6, but with the all the promo codes I'm sure you could score it for $3 like me.

ehh on its own, but great as a tinted moisturizer

I bought this thinking it would match, but it was all wrong. So to remedy the problem I came up with an excellent solution. I took some of my cetaphil moisturizer and mixed with a little of this and voila i have a pretty darn good tinted moisturizer!! I couldn't waste it and didn't know anyone who's skin it might complement so this worked out well. Give it a shot you might like it :)

heaven in a stick, maybe not, but it still makes me smile

I have everysingle one these. I really like them. I use the shadowstick side under my shadows in the same colors to make them pop a bit more. They don't crease for me either which is a plus because my NYX jumbo pencils always crease on me. I highly recommend these! The liner side isn't so bad either. But I usually stick my MAC liners, but these are good on the go to just drop in your purse.


I have been eyeing these for some time, but was skeptical of the $3 price tag. I honestly thought there were going to be the suck. One day I happened to wander into my local dollar tree and saw 3 shades of these bad boys. For a buck how could i pass on them? WOW it had such amazing pigmentation. It's definitely better than the quads pigmentation. The colors are gorgeous I have since purchased about 4 more. And I was amazed by all of them. So worth it. BUY them you WILL love them! Use with a primer, otherwise they will wear off.

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