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Beauty Product Reviews

Great for everyday use but...

I wasn't blow away by this mascara when I first tried it, but one day when I was desperate for a quick coat of mascara I pulled this one out and decided to give it another try. I have to say, its a nice mascara for everyday use. I have short eyelashes that are not sparse but they are not extremely full either. This mascara coats my lashes nicely and defines my lashes for a bright eyed affect. It also doesn't smudge on my oily eyelids but I only apply it on the top lashes so I don't know about smudging if applied to my lower lashes. This mascara is also a dry formulation but it flakes like crazy! It doesn't flake too bad on its own but if I go to itch my eyelid or move my eyelashes around so I don't ruin my eyeshadow, I get tiny flakes of mascara on my eyelid and under my eye that are just unattractive. Other than the flakeyness, this mascara is not going to give you a ton of fullness. So if you are looking for full, thick lashes, you may want to pass on this one. For me, I like the lengthening for school so I am happy with the look!

Pros: *Does not clump up *Coats lashes nicely *Defines my lashes *Lengthens *Does not smudge if only applied to top lashes Cons: *Very Flakey *Does not give the affect of fullness (if that's what you are looking for)

Picture Details: So I applied one eye with one coat on top and bottom so you could see how it looks and on the other I applied 2 coats (the pics actually look opposite like I labeled the pics wrong but I think it was just the lighting in the first coat pic that slightly darkened to make my lashes look like I have 2 coats on-if that makes any sense) I also applied a white eye base and a white eyeshadow on my lids and under my eye so that you could really see the dark lashes off of the white background! I hope you enjoy it!

Not Always the Smartest...

I used this QUITE a while ago but I thought I would put out a short review anyway! So I liked this foundation. It really did adjust to my skin tone pretty well. I would say the coverage would be more toward medium coverage. Overall, not a bad foundation at all. UNTIL, a while after I started using it, the "adjusting" aspect of this totally turned me African American! A whole different shade that I had not expected. I don't know why this happened but it changed my opinion a little on this. It's still not a bad foundation, but not my favorite.

Pros: *color adjusting *medium coverage *spf 15 Cons: *Turned my more than a few shades too dark after a couple weeks of using it

Great Product for a Great Price!

I love these nail art polishes! They are just what I was searching for, for an even better price then expected. I bought these at Dollar Tree and you can probably guess they were a dollar each haha. Starting with the packaging, there's nothing too special about the packaging but they are adorably small and skinny! The brush a is bit of a different story though. L.A. Colors is not too consistent with their brushes. I own almost all of them and I can say that I am probably only pleased with 1 or 2 of the bushes on them. Some brushes are thicker than others and almost all of them don't come to a point at the tip. It's not a huge deal because they are not anywhere close to the size of regular nail polish brushes! For the product itself, I don't have a problem with the consistency or find that it chips or wears down any faster than my regular nail polish. Overall these are a great little product and I highly recommend them!

Pros: *Great Price *Most of them are opaque *No problems with actual polish Cons: *Not consistent with brush size *Few are not opaque and do not show up over regular nail polish

I am Not Very Lucky am I?

When I ordered the 11pc brush set off of, I was the most excited to get this particular brush. When I first got it I already could tell that the ferrule was loose :( I love the brush though! It is SO soft. I want to buy one just for my stroking needs! (Haha I could pet it all day) I mostly use it to buff in mineral foundation but it has also been handy with applying liquid foundation and applying contour under the cheek bones. It has not completely fallen apart yet but I plan on gluing it when it does. It is kind of a bummer that I got a brush that was sort of a defect but I still love it!

Pros: *Great for buffing in mineral foundation *Nice for applying liquid foundation and even cheek contour *Very inexpensive *SUPER soft Cons: *ferrule loose *Has to be shaped every time it is washed (thats fine though because it does come with a plastic little shaping guard thing if you buy it in the 11pc set)

Disco Lights!!!

I am loving this bright pink sparkly nail polish! I would have never expected this much joy out a nail polish, especially by Milani! Most sparkly nail polishes are not very opaque but this is pretty solid glitter after two or three coats! I love the consistency of this polish and that the brush flares when brushing across my nail, acting like a larger brush (Though not as large as OPI brushes) One down side to this is the smell. It smells strongly of spray paint! I have not tried many other colors but I would definitely check out "Disco Lights!"

Just Doesn't Conceal

I didn't expect much out of this product so I guess I am not very disappointed. When you apply this and rub it in, most of it comes off onto your finger/brush. It settles into your pores and the small lines in your face and just doesn't leave a smooth surface. It doesn't blend well and it doesn't cover anything really. Overall, not a very good product.

Pros: *Affordable Cons: *Doesn't blend well *Settles into lines in your face *when rubbed in, most product comes off onto brush/ finger *Leaves face cakey looking

Didn't Live Up To My Hight Hopes

I have heard so much hype over these towelettes, though the first wipe I used disappointed me a little. I don't wear a whole lot of eye makeup. Usually just some mascara and a little eye shadow and these wipes didn't remove all of it like everyone had been talking about. To add to that, they left an oily film on my face. I felt like I HAD to wash my face after using them. And whats the point of using makeup removing wipes if I have to wash off some makeup still on my face plus the film the wipes leave on my face?! These are not the worst wipes though because I did use the rest of them. You can also see that some people are in love with these wipes, so maybe it just personal preference or skin type.

Pros: *Does help loosen up makeup *Affordable Cons: *Does not remove all of my makeup *Leaves an oily film on my face *I feel like I have to wash my face after using these wipes (that tells you something)

An All-Around Nice Lipstick!

I love Revlon and their lip sticks! They are very pigmented and I love the sleek packaging. There is a great color selection and they are great quality, especially for a drugstore lipstick. This does not feel very moisturizing, as it claims to be mega-moisturizing. I feel that after a few hours, the color dries out, fades, and collects in to small chunks on my lips. But these small cons don't effect my overall liking of them because it is just as easy to reapply.

Pros: *Nicely pigmented *Sleek and sophisticated packaging *Affordable Cons: *Not moisturizing as it promises *Fades and clumps after a few hours

In My Opinion, Not Worth the Money

Lipglasses in general are very pigmented but they are a little thick and sticky and I am very picky when it comes to sticky lip glosses. If you don't mind sticky lip glosses, go for it! Another thing that I find as a con, is that you do not get a whole lot of product. For a $14 lip gloss that I will re-buy, It needs to be like the best lip gloss. This is not my favorite but it is not the worst! I just don't think you should spend your money on the little product you get!

Pros: *Very pigmented Cons: *A little thick and sticky *Pretty pricey for the amount of product you get! *Soaks into your lips around an hour after you put it on

I Look Like a Ghost... But I Sure can WORK IT!!!

This was my first MAC lip stick and I was just SO excited! My mom was like "I want the Lady Gaga one! I'll buy it for you!" How could I say no? We bought the lipstick, the lipglass with it, and the viva glam gaga 1 lip glass. I thought they were the prettiest things ever! GETTING TO THE REVIEW...... I realized that this lipstick washed me out with my light skin and light hair so I didn't know what to do with it. Ok, so now you are wondering why I rated it so high.I do love the formula, the pigmentation, and the smell! I now know how to make this work! With this lipstick, wear a bright lip gloss over it. This just tones down the color of the lip gloss and makes it more wearable for different looks. Overall, this was not the best color for me, but oh do I know how to WORK IT! BAM!

Pros: *Great formula *Love the scent *VERY pigmented Cons: *Doesn't last very long especially because it is such an off color of my lips and when worn for more than a couple hours it sinks into the creases of my lips and I have to reapply *Not a very wearable color alone for people with light skin and light hair like me

(This was a really fun review for me to write..... if you can't already tell!!! <3 )

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